Stephen Murray joins CoPSO Secretariat

4 May 2022

The Council of Property Search organisations (CoPSO) has announced the appointment of Stephen Murray as Head of Local Authority Engagement in recognition of the ever-greater importance of working closely with Local Authorities to benefit home buyers in the conveyancing process.

James Sherwood-Rogers, Chairman of CoPSO said ‘we are delighted that Stephen has joined the secretariat in this dedicated role as he brings with him a wealth of experience in the regulated search industry and in working with local authorities. Stephen is very well known and respected in the industry and will greatly enhance the role of the secretariat in serving CoPSO members. Stephen’s role will encompass the move to remote data access with all the benefits that brings to speed and efficiency as well as the environmental benefits of reduced visits to local authority offices.’

Stephen Murray commented ‘I am looking forward to the challenge that this role brings as the pace of moving data into digital form and allowing for remote access gets ever faster. With the ramp up of the migration of the local land charges register to a digital register held by HM Land Registry, the relationship between private sector search companies and local authorities in respect of data for the CON29 element of the search is vitally important.  The pandemic provided real impetus to find digital solutions and if the vision of speeding up delivery of search data to support more efficient conveyancing transactions is to be realised, it’s important that momentum is maintained so as to optimise how consumers are served in respect of searches.’

Stephen, who was previously Franchise and Group Compliance Director at The Poweredbypie Group has already taken up the new role and is actively engaging with local authorities.

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